Fluid Pumps

IMS: International Marketing Services

IMS offers a wide variety of pumps including the following: house & garden pumps, house automatic water supply units, waterworks pumping/ booster stations, self-priming pumps and their packages, pumps for inflammable liquids, submersible pumps, sewage pumps, horizontal and vertical radial impeller centrifugal multistage pumps, volute casing pumps, pump turbines, hot water circulation pumps, hot water and condensate pumps, water-ring vacuum pumps and compressors, automatic evacuation stations, external gear pumps and triple-screw pumps for self-lubricating viscous liquids, progressive cavity pumps ,positive displacement rotary lobe pumps for viscous liquids handling, reciprocating plunger and piston pumps and their packages, high-pressure pumps for chemical and petrochemical industry, high-pressure hydraulic sets for mining industry, pumps for oil pumping and exploitation, irrigation pumping units, homogenizers, hydro-cleaners, diaphragm pumps, pressure governors and flow controllers.

The pumps offered by IMS are mainly targeted at the following branches:

By implementing new production technologies and the up to date software of pump designing we keep up with the new trends in pump manufacturing. IMS offers the services of a team of highly qualified workers and technicians who greatly influence the technical level and quality of our products, improving and developing the established quality system.

The aim of IMS is to provide the most complex services in the shortest possible time and in top quality.

IMS currently offers the following list of products and are able to provide specifications for each one upon request. Please contact us to obtain more information or a quote.