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As far as forms of application are concerned, IMS offers wide variety of injection preparations in the form of dry powders (antibiotic preparations), water and oil solutions (hormones, vitamins and mineral preparations as well as analgetics, analeptics and spasmolytics) both for human and veterinary medicine. In the oral segment we produce antibiotic powders for preparation of suspensions which are then used in pediatry as well as antibiotic tablets.

Regarding their active substances, our preparations belong to the groups of antibiotics, hormones, vitamins and mineral preparations.


The products offered by IMS regarding this segment of antibiotics is focused substantially on preparations containing active substance of the group of betalactams such as penicillin G and V, procaine-penicillin G, benzathine-penicillin G and ampicillin. The group of cephalosporins includes cephalotine and cephasoline. Our reaction to the recent world trends in use of betalactam antibiotics is reflected in manufacture of combined preparations based on ampicillin and inhibitor of betalactam - sulbactam. These are included both in human and veterinary preparations. Another group of antibiotic preparations for local use includes preparations containing neomycin and bacitracin.


Hormone-based preparations manufactured in Biotika are focused on medical treatment of lack of progesterone, estrogene and testicular androgens. We produce them in the form of injections.

Neuroleptics and anxiolytics

From this group of products IMS offers well-known and effective preparations, for example Moditen Depot inj. and Diazepam inj. During the period from starting their manufacture, they have become quite popular and required by many clients, mainly for their wide spectrum of antipsychotic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsive and myoregulative effects.


IMS offers vitamin preparations in the form of injections for various avitaminoses treatment, preparations which can be used in a wide spectrum of different therapies - such as hormonal treatment additives, for treatment of nutritive disorders etc. The preparations we produce are based on vitamin E, A and D2.

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