International Marketing Services LLC: Entering or Developing New Markets

IMS: International Marketing Services

International Marketing Strategies Built upon Analysis and Creativity

The first phase of new market entry involves identifying the best opportunities to pursue. IMS assistance here ranges from short, affordable market tests to in-depth surveys of in-country buyers. Along the way, IMS develops an intimate understanding of your sales and marketing strategy as well as products.

Once opportunities are identified, IMS works with you in to craft a market entry strategy that is mindful of your product, target market and resources. Our services in this regard range from the basic, such as as local, on the ground sales support through our local offices, to the comprehensive, including brand localization, marketing and negotiation support. If local certification is required, our contacts in the countries where we work are able to assist.

IMS' compensation varies by client. Qualified products can be promoted with limited financial commitment, but most engagements do involve a combination of retainer and performance based compensation.

The value that we deliver to clients is making market entry cost less by executing it faster than clients can on their own. This is accomplished with:

  1. Knowledge of local culture and business customs in the market where we operate
  2. Local contacts with distributors, customers, government agencies
  3. Local physical presence
  4. Highly specialized sales and marketing experience

All the above allow us to provide faster execution through use of our resources, local knowledge, sales and marketing expertise to overcome barrier and avoid errors in bringing any product or service to a desired foreign market.